Tanya Costigan Events is now offering mentoring services
for aspiring planners and new planners!


Being in the business since 2010, servicing all kinds of weddings, gives me the knowledge and experience to educate aspiring planners or planners who have just started out. 

I always get inquiries for shadowing opportunities or if I'm hiring, so this is a way for me to offer an experience to you. I'm excited about the different types of opportunities that I'm offering to planners (or planners-to-be), like you!

You may wonder why an established wedding planner would want to help other planners succeed, right? 
Here is my reasoning:

1. When I first started out, I didn't know how to price services, and didn't feel confident in my services enough to charge more, because I didn't have a wedding experience under my belt, yet. 

2. In reference to point #1, it is important for you to keep your pricing at a relevant level, in order to keep the market relevant. You'll want to make sure your pricing is in line with what other planners are charging, and not want to be on the race to the bottom when it comes to your servicing. You'll short change yourself and the industry by doing that. 

3. I want you to see the glamorous side....as well as the not-so-glamorous side of being a wedding planner. This will help you better gauge whether it's the right path to follow. 

4. Because there is enough work for all of us, and I want us all to succeed. The wedding industry is an amazing community, unlike any other I've known, and it's all about supporting each other....because we may need each other one day! {I can tell you from experience that this is true.}

5. There is no better way to learn than in the field. 

Take a peek at the options below, and then let's chat to set something up and get you on your way!
Investing in yourself is key to your success. 

One-on-One Time with Tanya

Photo by Melanie Zacek Photography

Photo by Melanie Zacek Photography

Sit with Tanya in her office space or by phone, to get your questions answered and get advice.

*Great option if you're just starting to explore wedding planning

*Great if you're just starting out and are not sure what's next.

$200 - 90 minutes

Shadowing a Real Wedding Day

Photo by Chattman Photography

Photo by Chattman Photography

This is what I get requests for, the most. Shadowing an actual wedding day. While wedding planning involves much more than just the wedding day, it is great to see the end result you would be working for.

*Great for aspiring or new planners

$575 - wedding day
$625 - rehearsal & wedding day

Shadowing an Entire Process

Photo by Melanie Zacek Photography

Photo by Melanie Zacek Photography

Shadowing Tanya along the entire process of planning a client's wedding is a huge opportunity.

*Great for you if you KNOW you want to be a planner, and want to do it right.

*Feel confident in yourself as a planner, knowing you have experienced every part of the process.

$2000 - shadowing one entire wedding process

Printed Learning Opportunities

Installment plans are available.

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